What can you do to stop graffiti & tagging? The reality is nothing. But you can deter the taggers from trying and also protect surfaces to make it easier to remove graffiti & tagging if you fall victim to it.

  • Use shrubbery, trellis, climbing plants, or trailing plants to limit access to bare exterior walls.
  • If you can fence off access to areas that get targeted by graffiti and tagging, you should consider it.
  • Avoid creams and whites on problematic walls. Big, light-coloured walls are a magnet to taggers. Graffiti spray paint also bleeds through your efforts to cover it up unless you seal in the spray paint first. Always easier and quicker to cover up grey/black walls with one coat of paint to remove graffiti and tagging.
  • Apply anti-climb paint to restrict access to flat roofs, etc. If considering this option, you have a legal duty of care to ensure that there is signage displayed to show anti-climb paint is being used and anti-climb must only be applied over 2 metres or higher from ground level so as to not come into contact with the general public going about their way.
  • Install motion-activated security lighting that is triggered when taggers approach a wall. Always ensure the lighting illuminates the wall and does not disturb your neighbours.
  • Install security cameras pointing at the walls that need guarding. Preferably cameras that can be seen by taggers and act as a visual deterrent. Not the small dome cameras sitting flush to walls that can so easily be missed. Put signage on the wall advising anyone that CCTV is being recorded for security purposes.
  • Apply anti-graffiti products to surfaces to protect them against the worst of tagging and make it easier to remove. DETAG would recommend you use a specialist graffiti removal and prevention company to do this for you. There are a range of products on the market and each offer something unique. There are sacrificial and non-sacrificial options, different components making up the protective layer, matt and gloss finishes, products for buildings, products for walls, etc..
  • Report every time you have been affected by graffiti or tagging. For Brighton & Hove, an easy-to-report function is available at It quickly allows you to report graffiti and tagging and upload photos of it. This information is compiled by BRAT (local voluntary group Businesses and Residents Against Tagging) and sent to both Brighton & Hove Council and to Brighton Police. The more information the council and police gather, the more success they will have at prosecuting taggers.