Shameful spate of attacks on Brighton Street Artists murals

Talentless taggers have vandalised much-admired murals over recent months by daubing their scribbles and throw-ups on commissioned Brighton Street Art.

A legally commissioned mural In Trafalgar Lane by Glimmer Twin, was delivered a jaw dropping insult when a pigs head and the word vermin was added to it, along with the promotion of an 11/08/2023 Street Art exhibition at London Gallery Camden Open Art Gallery (COAG). 

Trafalgar Place renowned Glimmer Twins commissioned Street Art, vandalised by someone promoting a London Based exhibition at Camden Art Open Gallery (COAG)
11/08/2023 ‘art event’ Ad-diction
The same culprit destroyed a Brighton events’ poster campaign to promote the London-based open art event. Why?

BRAT contacted the COAG Gallery owner who swiftly and apologetically responded. The Gallery did not sanction the damage nor was the culprit known to them said Gallery director Finn Brewster Doherty, we would never condone such action.

The Gallery offered to re-commission Sean Lyons, Glimmer Twin to repair the damaged work. Final resolution is left between the two parties to conclude.  

In Brighton, we are sadly used to petty, talentless taggers daubing their pointless scribbles on any clean wall, street furniture, hoardings, retail outlets and office buildings awaiting new tenants.  

We are not used to established street artist’s commissioned works being jealously attacked by taggers 

Sean Lyons said “Our work rarely gets touched, it’s upsetting if it does and would likely be an adolescent tagger not understanding the unspoken respect code between talented street artists”

Sussex Homeless Support Charity trailer mural vandalised 

August 9th, 2023 saw a senseless criminal attack on the Postman Art mural that adorns the entire side of the Homeless Support Custom Trailer

Jim Deans the Charity CEO is furious. He stated on the organisation’s Facebook page “It’s straightforward criminal damage, it’s going to cost the charity to remove it or have it replaced.”

Postman’s Art is renowned throughout the City, why on earth a talentless tagger would destroy such a renowned artist’s work let alone an artwork on a Homeless Charity support vehicle? 

There are no words, although I am sure Jim Dean has a few. If the culprit is identified, he will be made to clean it off or pay for the damage.

St. Ann’s Street, Costa Coffee new murals hit twice since completed three months ago

Guy Favela’s newly completed mural on St.Ann’s Street on the sidewall of Costa Coffee, London Road was hit by publically hated tagger, Johnny Crew just two days after completion – his crew tag across the mouth of the mural was rapidly scrubbed out again by the artist. 

Months later another vandal has been causing havoc with his F tag hitting Guy Favela’s mural, Churches, and homes causing £000’s of damage.

Pretty Community Art Wall on Upper Lewes Road curated by Brighton Street Artists, senselessly tagged

Young adult taggers damage children’s Community Wall, Upper Lewes Road

This mural on Upper Lewes Road was curated for the Council with some of Brighton’s best street artists.  It’s not the first time it has been damaged by pointless vandals. 

The first time a member of the public caught the culprit in action and filmed him. A man in his late 40s with spray cans in his rucksack wilfully destroying other artists’ work, one can only assume in a fit of envy.  

Quite why this bunch stooped so low as to ruin established Street Artists’ community mural for children is unfathomable.

Why do taggers who have no or little artistic talent themselves cause destruction to a talented artist’s work?

Perhaps they are bored youngsters playing up for the sake of it or to be part of a Brighton culture or misguided in their belief that they will become known for their scribbled tagger name? 

Sadly, tagging is not just a past time of bored youngsters, as evidenced by the 45-year-old Crew who is disliked by both taggers and non-taggers and other video evidence that has shown 50 year olds who have not out-grown vandalising property with their scribbles. 

The former respect among taggers was never to spoil others’ work. Currently, that code of honour seems to have fallen by the wayside. 

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