Business and Residents Against Tagging

Brighton & Hove is a wonderful, creative city that produces some of Britain’s most innovative artists and musicians. It has an independent spirit unlike anywhere else.

Action group formed to tackle graffiti tagging in Brighton and Hove

But it has a major problem. From The Lanes, to the city centre and out into both affluent and disadvantaged residential areas, it is blighted by tagging and unpermitted graffiti. Schools, churches, historic buildings, houses and the regency seafront are all badly affected.

Tagging is harming residents’ mental wellbeing, civic pride and causing millions of pounds of damage to businesses. It is also undermining the city’s appeal to tourists.

This website has been set up to allow those who care about the city to take action to monitor and help combat the problem.

Our aim is not to remove street art and commissioned graffiti, much of which is beautiful and is an important part of the city’s internationally renowned atmosphere and culture.  

Our aim is to fight back against the ugly tags, non-permitted, non-commissioned vandalism that is making this beautiful city look uncared for.

BRAT is a non-profit, voluntary group run by local residents and business owners.