BRAT and Tagging in the News

We’ll scrap fines for victims of graffiti, says new Labour council leader

Tagger targets historic Brighton buildings in graffiti spree

Brighton and Hove graffiti clamp down on illegal tags set to begin

Tim Rowkins, chair of the City Environment, South Downs and the Sea Committee says in this piece:

We’re really keen to make a distinction between graffiti tagging and graffiti art. With the permission of the property owner, graffiti art can enhance our city’s cultural offer but graffiti tagging is criminal vandalism and impacts residents, businesses and visitors.

We were delighted to see this clear distinction being made in this article. It is exactly the sentiment we expressed when we met with Tim and is a very sensible way to approach the problem.

Graffiti fines TRIPLE in Brighton with offenders made to clean up work

If the increased fines work, that would be fantastic. But it will require monitoring and enforcement that is currently badly lacking.

Danny Pike – Radio Sussex

Interview with BRAT spokesperson at 2 hours 08 minutes into the recording.

Tagger caught on camera – can you help identify him?

Another tagger given caution after months-long investigation

It is extremely disappointing to see a prolific, well-known tagger, who has caused thousands of pounds of damage to be given no more than a caution.

Flagship Brighton Boots store redeems itself after attracting a complaint from a politician

Level CCTV helps catch dozens of taggers

We were surprised to see the council claim in this piece that it has issued

25 fines for graffiti so far in 2023 – a 150% rise on 2022’s 10 fines.

This figure has had no publicity elsewhere and we would be interested to see some evidence from the council to substantiate it. Given the council’s public statements about how they are going to tackle graffiti, it is odd that they haven’t announced they have made some, albeit limited, progress.